an open question 

the found

not the same smoke

the same smoke

every chance to make it out

a handwritten note

wind sculpted stone 

frozen ground

in the way of the water

shifting from a foot to a foot

capital projects

the morning 

rolling sonnet

broken stones

walking towards the river

wading in

safari shorts

rolling in 

all the past 

something in the water

something in the wind

summer is soon over

some time on your bike

somewhere in the distance 

no easy task 

tedious morning at the doctors

held sound

as the morning breaks the mist lifts

covered by shadows

the cold air 

cold air

reduced fact


as dawn broke

a sign, a notice

cloud pitch

well worn cloth

the whole and the end

no. 400

the situation

the remote sense

the tool and its use

with visions

history, all history

already dedicated to

cold metal

a pocket of nails

magnetic pull


for your elbow room

a green light, an amber response 




audio information

becoming the morning 

whilst the night 

as the sawn wood falls

the sawn wood falls

sawn wood falls





the boarder pass

a walk to the woods

in the woods

the river passes the abandoned house

your car is on fire


a broken window / a still stone

protection plays

a book book

holding the stick to the ground

pattern seizure

see the dog bark

sunlight on new paint

a chipped cup 

some time in your heart

some time together

in the there

open door

slightest window

english translation

not 100%

your dog walks by

units for counting 

an otherness 

in the past

with an otherness

in a memory

let’s see

your eyes

even if there is one

in the beginning 

the morning rides

morning shimmer

the frozen lake

on the edge of the desert

the castle walls 

the undertow

the gloaming 

a fleeting light

a fleeting shift

an oracular voice

and then came the rain

the fallen wing

a fallen wing

with nothing 

without nothing 

wasps in jelly

the ball bounced around the yard

there are ways 

wind in your hair

horse and cart

happy too

inescapable cold

the them

ants, birds, cats, mice. 

Not without reason 

a shadow cast

a movement mapped

movement mapped

made for dawn

in the gloaming

Intellectual Property

a set square

still working

the stone slips it’s space

more of the sound

to see 

there is so much 

on the roof

clouds provide shade from the summer sun

we watched as it passed overhead



dust takes light

dusk takes day

hovering, waiting, now

in the darkness 

sounds came in 

sound came in 

be encouraging of this belief

in the storm the cars lights dimmed

snow crunches underfoot

single droplets fill the cup 

asking, knowing, forgiving

cats, and more cats

simple things

we were asked

enhanced feeling 

captivated in spring

in the quiet

a ball of ice

fortune and fortune

gathering form

in between my toes

bathed in night

yes it is

look back

gotten cold

folded now

now folded

cape and hat

golden evening

slow descend

cupped fly

folded thought

folded thoughts

foiled breath

call back

why not ask

there are many false starts 

scheme dawn

eked dawn

thorn frost

what is it

gated dawn

golden request

no way back 


now standing

a stone underfoot

down by the shallows

near enough

now deemed dawn

jump, and jump again

we sat down


Owl feathers

The dust rose to meet your glasses

Evening fell 

No More

Just as you imagined 

There is a moment

Is a moment

The branch fell 

Water runs through 


A Jay flew by

Covered by snow

Cold and calm

Still and static

Coming together

Jobs and wages 

Bike lights

Careful planning 

Nothing like rain


The phone

A phone

Nothing like summer

Jokes and headaches

Hoping for a moment to rest

To rest

There is a moment 

In the moring 

We walked towards the cliff

We walked into the sea

Your bike

No not this

Jump in 

Holding on

Always there

Always here 

Hearing the door close

We walked together

As we should 

Not the end, not the beginning

Valance fails

Got to go

Got to the end

Your wind chime broke

The screen door slammed 

Nothing like the end 

I asked your name

Kicked plant

Forest guard

Forest ends

Last forest

A wood

A copse

The copse 

Wandering towards a conclusion

Golden light

The morning came in 

Light got squeezed 

Out when it was out

Holding hands

Holding your breath

We walked 

When we walked in the shore

When we walked on the shore


Bolt the door

Hold the door

The door

A window

The wall fell